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Server Error Has Been Resolved

The game server was briefly offline. This has been resolved and should be working as normal.

(I work at a hosting business and I feel like I should be giving refunds...but you guys play for free.)

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Changelog 1.0.5

Here are some changes for the 1.0.5 server updates.

  • Added voice on side warning
  • disabled locked vehicle towing
  • added locks to missions
  • added locks to traders
  • added dmr to traders
  • added lock box to traders
  • Increased Ka60 price to 10 briefcases
  • Increased Wildcat price to 10 briefcases
  • Added a great amount of vehicles to tow list

If you notice any issues please report to the bug section of the forums.

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Server Information

At the current time we offer an Epoch Chernarus server as well as a Teamspeak 3 server.

The epoch server runs several mods inluding AI mission, Self BB, Build Bike, Tow/lift, and much more. For a full list of  mods visit the change log section of the forum.

Epoch Server:

Teamspeak Server: ts3.zfggaming.com

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